Twidere – An awesome twitter client for Android

I use TweetDeck almost exclusively on my computer for all my desktop Twitter needs, whether that be simply viewing my twitter stream or for writing my Tweetstorm. When I got to Android I needed the same as Tweetdeck on mobile: a fast, flexible experience that was

A year since

It’s been a year, Since I went walking with you in Scarborough, Grandfather. I wore a jacket that was black like the night, In contrast to the waterfront Arcade, And my shirt and shoes, Blue like the sea which you and I walked near. The

Who Gatsby and Atticus Finch would have voted for

Maureen Corrigan, 2paragraphs on who Jay Gatsby would have voted for in last years election: The easy answer is Trump, isn’t it? After all, Jay Gatsby and Donald Trump share so much: a brazen flair for con artistry, a nouveau riche taste in home décor

Owls without feathers

I just googled what owls look like without feathers and I am severely shook — Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) January 8, 2017 THEY’RE SO CREEPY! Especially when you consider the fact that an owl can rotate its head an entire 360 degrees. (via The Daily

The origin of the MLG air horn

The air horn sound, synonymous with MLG gaming and weed, is one of those sound effects you just kind of know when the internet is your life. It’s so overused, but at the same time can be used in nearly ever scenario for the perfect

A visually pleasing Codepen to mess with particles

I really, really like this. But what I like most is cutting huge swaths out of the center with flicks of the mouse, before centering it somewhere and watch all the particles float back, except for this one region of empty space. Or maybe because