Cowboy Bebop Funko Pops are coming!

Funko Pops are releasing Cowboy Bebop bobble heads of the main crew in December, and I am so getting them. I just hope there is a Bebop coming that I can put them on. I guess you could say they’re… Cowboy Bebobble Heads!

Writing about your own mental illness online

Patrick Malborough, Vice Australia: One of the great horrors of mental illness is seeing it swallow up your identity. I am uneasy writing about it for that very reason: I don’t want to be the guy that writes mental-illness articles. Outside of the cascade of

A baby excavator hatching in the wild

Baby excavator hatching in the wild! The above gif is from the brilliant German film “Titanen des Erdreichs”, or “Titans of the Earth” in English. It’s a short mockumentary detailing the mating habits and birth of excavators in the wild, these titanic and useful giants.

A comic about the origin of Twitter

The Webby Awards have released their first installment in a new comic series, called The Internet Illustrated. They’re written by graphic journalist Andy Warner and in their first installment, tells the origins of the monolithic-maybe-for-sale giant Twitter. ![T

Giving a voice to mummies

Anna Barney, Heritage Daily: To know how Ötzi the Iceman sounded we need to know how long and how thick his vocal folds were – that tells us about the natural pitch of his voice. We also need to know how long his airway was

How Quentin Tarantino uses violence

A brilliant video essay by the Discarded Image, analysing how the greatest director of all time uses violence in his films. It also analyses one of my favorite movie scenes of all time, the torture scene from Reservoir dogs, and details every reason why I