Microsoft bought Mojang

Well, it’s offical folks, Microsoft bought Mojang, for 2.5 billion (US) dollars.

Here’s my theory on why they did this. Do you remember when Halo 2 was released on PC? It required Windows Vista, it was Microsoft’s attempt at converting people over to the then new OS, which was about as well received as Windows 8 is today (poorly).

What if they try doing this with Minecraft. Make it only available on Windows 8. It seems like a smart move, more people, especially kids who might have never considered the OS, will buy Windows 8 if their favorite game is on it. On the other hand, this would most likely cause outrage at Microsoft for the deal. And the last thing Microsoft needs right now is more negative press, with Windows 8’s Metro interface and the bungled launch of the Xbox One.

Okay, now I’ve never been a huge Minecraft guy. Mostly because it requires Java, and I ain’t using Java. I could rant on all day as to why, but in the end its because it is a buggy, easy explotable framework which is often the result of many, many zero day exploits.

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