Linkblogging with Middleman

When I first released the Middleman Linkblog template, it was messy. A mix of HTML went into the title, which other than looking ugly in the front matter when writing posts also did not let the HTML validate properly, it had two links. Over the past four months, I’ve been testing and trying to make it brand new so that it actually looks good. Let’s do this.

####The Setup

Quickly, if you don’t want to edit all the code yourself and would just like to start with a fresh linklog already precoded for you, head over to the Project Page where you can download it directly or from Github.

First, just like last time we need two layouts, one for the post and one for the front page.

Open up your current layout.erb file and make another file called article.erb 1. Copy the code into your article.erb file and where above the <%= yield %> copy and paste

      <% page_articles.index do |article, i| %>

      <% if %>
        <!-- Link post -->
        <h3><%= link_to current_article.title, %></h3>

      <% else %>

      <!-- Non link post -->
      <h3 class="non-link"><%= current_article.title %></h3>
      <% end %>
      <% end %>

      <small><%='%e of %B, %Y') %></small>

Next, open up your index.html.erb file and put the below code above <%= article.body %>.

  <% page_articles[0..30].each do |article| %>

    <% if %>
    <!-- Link Posts -->
    <h3> <%= link_to article.title, %></h3>

    <% else %>

    <!-- Non link post -->
    <h3 class="non-link"> <%= link_to article.title, article %></h3>
    <% end %>

    <% if %>
    <small> <%='%e of %B, %Y') %> | <%= link_to '♠', article %> </small>

    <% else %>

    <small> <%='%e of %B, %Y') %> </small>

    <% end %>

Where page_articles[0..30].each do |article| is how many blog posts you want to show, in my case 30.

Next, open up config.rb and paste in:

page "{{POST_FOLDER}}/*", :layout => "article" # Obviously change {{POST_FOLDER}} to the actual place where your posts are.

This pretty much says ‘hey, for our blog posts please set it to the article.erb file2‘ instead of the layout.erb file.

####The posts

Now that we have the code all nice and set up, lets actually write some link posts. Inside a link post, the front matter should look like:

  title: Updated Middleman Linklog, so now it actually makes sense.
  date: 2015-10-18
  tags: middleman, linklog, ruby, programming 

  Here's our commentary on the linked post.

For a non-link post, simply omit the link.

And we’re done here. Now, go away and linklog to your heart’s content.

  1. You can actually call it whatever you want, I just like to call it this because it makes sense. 
  2. Without it, the post would display no title. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me. 

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