Table of contents at the end on the web

Books often have a table of contents at the very front of the book so you can quickly go to where you need to. This allows you to open the front of the book and know near instantly where to go to find what you need.

This held true for many years in web design, you put your links to the about page, contact page and such at the top or along the side, effortlessly allowing you to know where to go. But there’s been a recent design trend, where the navigation for the website is at the bottom of the page rather than at the top.

This annoys the hell out of me. Website that seem to be designed purely for the mobile platform with the desktop simply an afterthought. Even on larger screens you still have to navigate to the bottom of a webpage in order to access its navigation. Similar to how we have the table of contents at the very front of a book rather than at the back of it, navigation should be at the top of a website, not the bottom.

This is 2015 and mobile first route is the design principle of this era in web design. We don’t need mobile first and the desktop second, we need co-dominance among the screen sizes, so the navigations is equally expressed no matter the medium through which a website is viewed. If that requires using CSS Media Queries or jQuery to allow for the use of a mobile navigation, for the love of god code it in. Don’t just leave your desktop users hanging.

Content should precede design, but we should not put our content first and the usability of our website second.

Now, let me end this for you: NEEEEEEEEEEERD.

Originally published at Valiant Ghost on 24th of November, 2015.

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