What I know about the new Star Wars despite the fact I haven’t seen it

I haven’t seen the new Star Wars yet and- Yes, yes I know, rookie mistake — and of course because of the Internet I have had a fair bit of the plot spoiled for me. So despite the fact I haven’t seen it yet, here’s what I’ve managed to piece together about the plot. There might be spoilers but of course they might be incredibly inaccurate. I hope they are.

Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia, at some point Old Luke Skywalker raised him as a padawan and Kylo turned to the dark side. He’s following in his grandfather’s footsteps, which makes sense he’s ‘carrying on his legacy’ as said in the trailer.

Han is there, he apparently shoots a stormtrooper without even looking at him, leading some to believe he has the force. He is killed by Kylo Ren.

There’s also some kind of large mace like weapon which can be used as an effective melee weapon against Lightsabers. Which might fit into the Canon, as there is a weapon o

f similar make in Knights of the Old Republic series, called the Vibroblade.

The main character, a black ex-stormtrooper who is apparently a force sensitive, and is often called a traitor by the same guy with the anti-lightsaber mace.

I don’t know much about the3Rey, but she’s some Force Sensitive who lives alone(?) with her little roller droid on Tantooine. And beats the crap out of Kylo Ren at some point.

Luke is now a hermit and lives on a water world alone after Kylo Ren fell to the dark side.

Rey has become the new Leia, the ex-stormtrooper has become Luke. Old Han Solo has become Han Solo. Old Chewbacca has become Chewbacca. Roller Droid has become R2-D2.

Not a lot, but it’s what I currently know. A depressing lot.

Originally published at valiantghost.com on January 15, 2016.

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