A subversion of Hershel’s character in Fear the Walking Dead

Forewarning: This is commenting on the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead as of this date. I’m not sure what exactly that episode was, just don’t read this if this post is still fresh and you plan to watch it.

I’ve written before about how I love Fear the Walking Dead and how I’m glad that it exists. The main series of The Walking Dead is fine, but I feel that next season following on Negan’s story is just recycling the tale of the Governor with less antiheroic qualities.

I’ve been gladly following along with Fear, as it seemed to break away from the main story of The Walking Dead to form its own story about the hardships and survival in adapting to the zombie world. And in this new episode, after so much hardship it seems that they have finally, finally found a safe place to stay. Just like Hershel’s farm from the second season main series. Okay, so some similarities seem okay. After all, it seems inevitable that they’d end up with some stable base of operations right? So it seems to be going along alright, the people are friendly and kind. Just like Hershel. But Nah, that’s just something that happens.

Oh so there’s strange noises, and the badass Mexican guy goes to investigate. Oh, they keep zombies alive in cages. Just like Hershel did… No…. NO NO NO NO! Do not do this to me Fear! I had such faith in you!

But fortunately, it does not turn out to just be recycling an old idea from the main series. In contrast to Hershel, who believes the zombies to be sick people who only need a cure to return them to normal, the old Spanish lady who runs the place however has a much darker belief. Rather than them believing that they are sick, she thinks the zombies are something more. The next evolution of human. As shown when she poisons the church and expresses happiness when she learns that her son was not shot in the head, she seem’s to have some dark belief surrounding the origin of the zombies and how the world is faring.

For the briefest of moments, I thought that Fear was going to fail me, and it was going to be just like the Walking Dead. But no, it did a good old bait and switch on me and I love it. Glad to see how it’s developing up to be a nice series which can work completely independently from the main series.

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