Man Up! The book that is (now) always with me

As a rule, I’m generally not a outdoorsy person. A good weekend for me is a cup of coffee, a good book/column/link to write for Valiant Ghost/website to design, and sunny weather to do some washing with.

That being said, I do go outside when necessary, to eat or when it’s socially acceptable. I will also rarely venture out if I think I could get a good photograph.

There is no substitute to good lessons and experience for outdoor scenarios, but for me the book Man Up! by Rod Green is what can probably make sure I know what to do in a survival situation, or any situation where I’m outside and don’t know what to do. This handy and comical guide is the best tool any man, even the non-outdoorsy like me, can have. It covers how to snare and cook a rabbit, how to tickle trout, how to land a light aircraft, how to construct a lean to for the night, how to darn a sock and even how to dress fashionably and effectively. It’s more comical then your average survival guide.

You can pick Man Up! up from Amazon, Google Play Books and probably at a local book shop or library. (I got mine from a hospice shop for 85 pence).

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