Out of milk

All I wanted to do was go and make myself a cup of tea, but much to my own annoyance I’m out of milk. So, to fulfill my desire for a hot drink, I instead made myself a hot chocolate, also without milk. I’ve had hot chocolate’s without milk before, and the result has always been the taste of really bitter dark chocolate. So as to not get this result again, I added honey to it. It’s currently sitting scalding on my desk to my left. I’ll update with how it tastes.


The first thing I think when I drink it is the rather strange, but nice taste. The bitterness is almost entirely removed with the honey, but it still has a slight bitter aftertaste. Definitely making this again as a tea replacement when I’m out of milk.

Here’s the recipe list btw:

  • Two teaspoons Cadbury’s cocoa
  • Hot water
  • Two teaspoons Sugar
  • Two teaspoons honey

Originally published at valiantghost.com.

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