Ricks beard in The Walking Dead

Despite the ending of season 6 of The Walking Dead being a complete blah affair, an interesting idea popped into my head about Ricks beard. It’s not just a beard but rather, it is symbolic of how the New World has taken Rick. He got the beard around season 3, which is when he started killing living people, rather than just zombies. And then when he moved to Alexandria, he shaved his beard off, the New World was slowly leaving Rick, and it seemed like he might have a normal life similar to what he lived in the Old World. But in the last season, as he resumed his old role again, killing people and leading a group of hardened survivors, rather than normal people trying to live in the zombie apocalypse the beard grew back. If you want to apply Freuds theory to this, you could say that the beard is representative of Ricks Id, as it gets bigger so does his Id, and the Superego structures of the Old World slip further away.

Originally published at valiantghost.com.

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