The Oxford comma

Vox clearly explains the use and origin of the Oxford comma, the most controversial thing in writing. Journalists agree it shouldnt be used, but a heck of a lot of people do. There’s even a twitter account about it, asking famous people what they think of the Oxford comma.

For your ever-lovely writer at this here weblog the Oxford comma is one of those tics I just picked up but never stopped using. In my younger years I was homeschooled, but to make sure I was getting a proper education my parents made me do a lot of correspondence courses, one of which was an American English class. In the Australian school system I had been taught to never have a comma before an and, because it was wrong1 but in this American class I was told the exact opposite, where the Oxford comma just became ingrained in my writing skill set. And when I went back to an Australian English class, I never could remove the Oxford comma from the assignments I handed in.

To my knowledge it never hindered me in anyway. So am I for or against the Oxford comma? I use it but really have no obvious preference. Until I can see a rational argument against it I am for it.

  1. As the Associated Press Stylebook says. 

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