The Stack

Whatever you do, do not disturb The Stack. It will end quite badly for you.

The Stack is my reading stack, the books I want to eventually get through. At some point. In the not too distant/distant future. As you can probably tell I’m a voracious reader. During my trip to England I bought far too many books then I needed, resulting in the 2 to 3 foot book stack that is beside my computer and adding a lot of weight to my luggage. It’s impossibly balanced, with two massive books supported by a very small Yorkshire Travel guide I bought as a souvenir.

Getting a book out of the Stack is like playing some simple form of Jenga with myself. Simply touching any part, even the book on the very top, results in the entire thing swaying precariously in the general direction of my computer. Removing one of the lower books is impossible without getting rid of the upper books first.

At the current time of writing I’m far too afraid to touch anything but the very top book. It’s currently leaning at an angle towards my computer. If there’s ever a prolonged period where I am not writing here, assume the worst.

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