The strange case of Fate/Grand Order’s Hyde and my own OCD

I just had a battle in Fate/Grand Order that gave me a rather interesting thought about myself. To cut a long story short one of the servants you can get is Jekyll, from the novel, who can transform into the more powerful Hyde. And Hyde is normally the Berserker class while Jekyll is the Assassin class, meaning they both can do large amount of damage to each other. But I just fought a Hyde which was a Caster class. Ignoring the fact that Hyde cannot use any magic, this meant Hyde was doubly effective against Jekyll, who I happened to have in my party. The only reason I can think that Hyde would be a Caster is that this Hyde was fought in a special event battle compared to the original game.

I was originally writing about how this shows that a more powerful Hyde could easily have greater control over Jekyll, but while I was I couldn’t shake the feeling that this highlights my own relationship with OCD to some extent. During special events my OCD will increase to be even more powerful over me to the point where its even harder to resist is. While normally as an Assassin I can fight off Berserker with relative ease, in certain scenarios it can become even more powerful, to a form that I can do even less against.

Never actually managed to defeat Caster Hyde, he was too bloody hard.

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