How are we going to kill Alucard?

So I am now an official writery person. After seeing my internet friend Jonas got a job at Fighting for Nippon writing about anime I thought ‘why the hell not’, and signed up to be a volunteer writer. After some real life hardships that prevented me from writing I finally present to you my first article there: The Humanity in Hellsing and Killing Alucard. I originally wrote this for the /r/anime writing competition but it was… not good. So here’s the good one:

The Hellsing series by Kouta Hirano is perhaps best known as a ‘continuation’ of the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker, where instead of being killed by Abraham Van Helsing and his team, Dracula instead becomes his loyal — and creatively named servant — Alucard. And 1999, one hundred years after the events of the novel Alucard is the most powerful weapon of Van Helsing’s descendant Integra Hellsing and the Hellsing Organisation.

What makes Alucard the most powerful weapon is not his strength or ability, but rather his durability. He lives by the motto that “It takes a man to kill a monster” — As long as he believes himself to be a monster and his enemies to be nothing more than monsters like him — or dogs — he is fundamentally immortal. He refuses to die unless one he considers a man is a person to drive a stake through his heart — nothing divine, demonic, supernatural or anything in between. Until he takes the final stake through the heart by a human being, he will (un)live on.

And despite Hellsing‘s ultraviolence and wacky humour, there’s a message that can be taken from Alucard’s talk of “It takes a man to kill a monster”, that of humanity. And if we could somehow find the humanity in Alucard, could we use whatever sliver we found to kill him?

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