Spaceplan – Save(?) the world with potatoes

At the time of writing, I’m a couple of hours into the only game I’ve ever seen that involves saving the world with potatoes, Spaceplan.

You wake up in a broken spaceship, spinning around an unknown planet with a broken AI computer as your only help. After running all the diagnostics finds that your only method of survival… potatoes. Not just eating, but for energy generation to build more things and eventually, using accurate physics, save the world1.

Yes, it’s initially a clicker game, before you have a sustainable potato based infrastructure. But after a couple of minutes/clicks you manage to set up an infrastructure of potatoes that can constantly generate power while you do other stuff, like sort through 600 tabs or watch some episodes of the brilliant 91 days.

The game is also filled to the brim with nice little touches, like how your potato solar panels2 lose energy when your little ship is not in direct sight of the sun and, according to Kill Screen, the physics used in the planets and gravity thingy is correct to real-life physics models. This is the kind of game I’ve been searching for since I fell out of gaming a few years ago, you can just leave it running in your browser and check up on it every few hours or so to improve what you’re doing.

Play Spaceplan here in your browser right now, but at time of writing there’s no available mobile version 🙁

  1.  Although I wonder to what extent the slightly homicidal AI who tells you this plan is actually running right. 
  2. Yep, really a thing in this game 

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