The final moments of Lucy

Anyone who took Biology in high school and learned about human evolution probably learned about the fossil affectionately called Lucy (scientifically called Australopithecus Afarensis). To put it very simply why Lucy was special: while she had the very small brain that we associate with an ape, she also showed many trends similar to bipedalism and our modern form of upright walking. But she’s a fossil, so she died, right? And have you ever wondered how? Ed Yong at The Atlantic gives it to us:

Here’s their best guess about Lucy’s last moments. She fell, feet first and arms outstretched. The impact broke both of her legs and twisted her body to the right. Her knees hit the ground, both breaking. Her right hip landed—more fractures. When her arms hit, they broke too, the right more seriously than the left. The right shoulder blade pushed her collar bone into her first rib, breaking them both. The final collision between her torso and the ground added more fractures to her hip, ribs, vertebrae, skull, and jaw. Body broken and organs presumably damaged, she would quickly have died.

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