The Vinland Saga is early Berserk with Vikings

I recently worked my way through all 360 chapters of Berserk (Counting chapters 000a to 000p) and considering I don’t even like manga that’s a pretty good effort on my part. But with the most recent Fantasia arc, the series has gone high fantasy, which I, and a lot people didn’t like.

The Black Swordsman and Golden Age arcs of Berserk were my favourite arcs of the entire series. The writing, world and art style just felt better than today’s high fantasy, which reminds me of a JRPG.

Cue my happiness when I come across the Vinland Saga, which I was told by a friend is “The Golden Age Arc with Vikings.” Instant read.

So far (Only Chapter 18) so good, it’s got the humorous art and writing style of early Berserk. The main character, Thorfinn, is on the timeless quest to avenge his father’s death, but he goes about it in a way you wouldn’t expect. This turns him into someone like Guts, but smaller in form and with dual knives.

I don’t want to spoil any more of this awesome series. If you need something to fill the Berserk shaped hole in your heart now that it’s on hiatus, give the Vinland Saga a try.

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