Introverts can get ‘social hangovers’ from too much socialising

Introverts like myself have a limited amount of social energy, and if we use all of it up we can end up getting ‘social hangovers’, as Shawna Courter writes:

After a few hours, I couldn’t take it any more. I slipped away like a thief, skulking about the house, searching for a place where it was quiet. I came across a half-lit room and saw my future brother-in-law sitting in there, staring out the window. Knowing him to be an introvert himself, I decided this was my best option for escape and sat down across the room, wrapping my arms around my knees. I remember hoping he wouldn’t think I was intruding upon his own solitude before I allowed myself to zone out, letting my thoughts drown out the raucous laughter from downstairs, breathing deeply and feeling the tension drain away. I don’t know how long it was before my now-husband came looking for me, but I remember him laughing at finding the two introverts seeking refuge together.

I’m linking this now because I just got back from my first nerd convention in a long time, Armageddon, and I feel drained. When I first got there it was fun, seeing all people as nerdy as I was dressed up as characters I never thought I’d see1. But after a while/after I bought everything it just became too much; the sea of people, the hagglers prompting me to buy something, the promise of a Gundam which would sell for ‘five times its price.’ When my friend finally called me and told me it was time to leave, I was glad.

  1. There was a Yuno Gasai

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