My perfect writing app

I’ve written before (Mostly in my Notes) that I’ve been searching for a writing app, and it’s currently on my now page. So instead of simply bitching to you about what my perfect writing app would be like, I’m actually going to write the points it would need (I realise a lot of these are fairly nitpicky):

  • Cloud syncing — Come on, this is just a must, in general, these days. But rather than relying on a third party service like Dropbox for syncing, it would use its own proprietary syncing service. This would ensure good syncing (Assuming the syncing service was good) across my devices that wouldn’t need manually syncing each time.
  • Markdown syntax highlighting — I write everything in Markdown, just like the rest of modern web writers should. An app which used for any kind of writing should have support for at least syntax highlighting of markdown at least.
  • Versions of it for Windows and Android — These are my two primary sources of use, Windows on my laptop and Android on my phone. This is of course to my detriment, nearly all the good writing app are for Mac and iPhone. Even Scrivener, a good contender for my best app, doesn’t have an Android app.
  • Typography customisation and night mode — I am at my core a design nerd. I need to set my exact typographic requirements, what size I want it to be, what and colour I want the background to be. Of course, the background should be black for when inspiration strikes at 3am in the morning.

What am I using to write this?

Currently, Simplenote. In all actuality, Simplenote is pretty good and fulfils most of my requirements. But it’s fault for me comes in its name: It’s too damn simple. If there were just a few more customisation options, perhaps turning on a Monospace font, and a minimalist mode which hides the sidebar when you’re writing it would be perfect. But as it is the app leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Hopefully, when they release Simperium there will be a decent client made for me.

Another app I really like is Scrivener. It doesn’t have a lot of my requirements, but it’s just a damn good writing app. If only a version would come out for Android.

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