On Re:zero

I’ve been debating on whether to watch last seasons Re:Zero since everyone I knew started talking about how awesome it was. But due to its premise being similar to Konosuba (An anime I really didn’t like) I avoided it for now, maybe picking it up later.

But with Anime Addicts Anonymous podcast (aaaPodcast) scathing review on their episode 343, I am definitely not going to be watching it. As one of their main complaints is that lack of narrative progression, I am definitely never watching it.

One of the major reasons I consume any medium, whether that be anime, manga or movies is because of the narrative. I love being taken along on a journey and maybe learning a message or a key idea along the way as I do.

But here’s what the aaaPodcast told me: There is literally no narrative progression at all1. Why the protagonist does what he does makes no sense, because there is a respawn mechanic he simply comes back from the dead when he dies and does what he does over again.

Maybe this is just me, but I can’t see the appeal in this at all. For me, narrative is where it’s key. Message is nice and all, but at the end of the day what matters to me is story.

  1. As one of the reviewers said, episode 1 = episde 26 = episode 14 = episode 100. Nothing new happens.

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