Tweeting from Discord

I’m currently messing around with bots in Discord and here’s a basic bot to tweet from within Discord. I made it using Discord.js and Node-Twitterbot. You will need to register a new twitter app to use it.

var TwitterBot = require("node-twitterbot").TwitterBot;

var Discord = require("discord.js");

var mybot = new Discord.Client();

var Bot = new TwitterBot({
  "consumer_secret": "CONSUMER_SECRET",
  "consumer_key": "CONSUMER",
  "access_token": "ACCESS",
  "access_token_secret": "ACCESS_SECRET"

// Usage: !tweetthis [What you want to tweet]

mybot.on("message", function(message, TextChannel){
   if(message.content.indexOf("!tweetthis") >-1 && message.content[0] === '!'){ 
    var content = message.content.replace('!tweetthis ' , '');
      if (content.length > 140) {
         mybot.sendMessage(, "I'm sorry, but that's longer than 140 characters");
      } else {

mybot.login("email", "password");

You use it by typing !tweetthis followed by what you want to tweet, like so:

!tweetthis I am tweeting this from Discord

It has no real use, something novel I just made on a lazy afternoon, but I had fun coding it.

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