Warframe: The Vacuum of Space

In the vacuum of space, the Corpus could see her coming. The reawoken terror. For a while, space was the one place they were safe from her, but now she was coming. The Valkyr frame. The assassin who leave’s no witnesses, who killed Captain Vor and Alad V. They can see her, the orange eyes coming towards them down the narrow corridor. They fire their guns, for all its worth. As soon as she reached the end of this corridor, that would be it. The two men’s lives would be over in a matter of seconds. And then at the final moment, just as she’s about to reach them she slams into a wall.

Just got the Archwing in Warframe, and despite the fact its really cool doing the Trench Run missions the awesomeness of it is slightly ruined everytime you slam into a wall at high speed.

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