McDonald’s opens near the Vatican, because McDonald’s

McDonald’s, the fast food giant I enjoy despite my schools attempt to force it out of me with an essay about Supersize me, has opening near the Vatican because it’s McDonald’s and nothing can ever stop them:

The newest Golden Arches opened last week “within eyeshot” of the venerated St. Peter’s Square, the New York Times reports. Plans for the fast-food restaurant were revealed last fall and a group of local residents fought to keep McDonald’s out, arguing that the chain’s presence would only further the problem of modern shops and trinket-sellers invading the area.

While there’s already a couple of McDonald’s locations and a Burger King within the surrounding blocks, locals have seemingly taken issue with such establishments inching closer and closer to the religious center. Cardinal Elio Sgreccia called the opening a “perversion,” telling newspaper La Repubblica last fall that the space should’ve been used to help the needy instead.

Do not worship false idols.

(via NextDraft)

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