The Textblade keyboard

I’ll be the first to admit it, both us here writers are broke af. We’re two broke (nearly) University students. That being said, I am a rabid collector of things I really don’t need. Writing apps. Mice. Keyboards. Why do I collect it? I really don’t know. Some hoarderish compulsion to have everything I suppose.

The keyboard part is the easiest to explain. I spend either my whole day writing about anime critically, about anime weapons, or my shitpost-esque posts here. Even when I’m not writing my browser of choice basically lets me use keyboard commands for everything. Needless to say, I use keyboard shortcuts a lot.

My obsession doesn’t stop at desktop keyboards. It goes even deeper to mobile keyboards, most of them way too big for my small phone. My last one was a case for an ill-fated second-hand iPhone 4, and was hell to write on1. The keys were too small and required too much force to write comfortably at2.

Enter the Textblade. It looks just like the mobile keyboard I want… Or need as it may be. It looks like the perfect thing that I want. A small external keyboard, although small enough to carry around in normal chino’s. Do I want it? Yes. Can I buy it? Also yes, but I need the monies for muh schooling ( ; ~ ;).

In the meantime, I can look on videos of people typing with it fondly while I wait until such a time as I can beg someone for it.

Pls gib.


  1. There was a brief period where I wrote only on my phone. I know some people prefer to do this but for me I prefer the typing feel with my keyboard. 
  2. I’m writing this from the bath, despite my problems with it 

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