Twidere – An awesome twitter client for Android

I use TweetDeck almost exclusively on my computer for all my desktop Twitter needs, whether that be simply viewing my twitter stream or for writing my Tweetstorm. When I got to Android I needed the same as Tweetdeck on mobile: a fast, flexible experience that was better than the default Twitter client.

I found it. And guess what it’s called? The title of this posts it totally not a hint. At all!



When you first launch Twidere (yes, that’s the app I’m reviewing here) you pick a number of customisable elements which can be changed later down the line. Twidere uses Material Design, like damn nearly every other android app, so most of the UI revolves around the design specification. Individual tweets are displayed as cards, which you can customise heavily, everything from the font size and weight, the size of the cards, whether the profile image is displayed and you can even decide how links are highlighted.

Included is the stock standard night mode1, and the background can be changed to pure white/black for battery saving on AMOLED displays. The background can also be changed to be completely transparent, which I thought was a nice touch although it does make the tweets a bit hard to read, especially combined with my custom KWLP theme and Johnny Cash staring into my soul2.

When viewing your main twitter stream, sliding your thumb from the left causes a sidebar to slide out), giving you access to your profile page, a search menu, a link to your liked tweets, your lists, you accounts, drafted tweets, the ability to filter out tweets and the settings for the app.

Keeping with it’s TweetDeck similarities, there is a customisable tab bar along the top of the app, which I have tried to keep as similar to my TweetDeck setup as possible: Home, then my tweets, mentions, messages, like/favorites and my tweets that have been retweets (Very few, but it’s nice to have the feature). You can change the color of the bar along the top, which is a nice touch3.

Oh, and you can change the hearts back to stars. I figure a few people will like that.

Profile Page

A user’s profile section is largely informative at a single glance. You get the profile image with the description of it, their banner, a nice big follow button and all the adjunct information like the location, website and the date they signed up/number of tweets per day below it. Using the @ in the corner you can tweet the person. The menu in the top right allows you to set a number of settings for the user which I quite liked, including the ability to set color and nicknames for the person. Oddly enough, you cannot get the number of times a person has tweeted until you scroll down a bit.

Composing a tweet

As you’ll notice from the screenshots, Twidere uses an FAB which opens up the tweet composition area, meaning you can always tweet easily4 within reach of your thumb, my phone is 5 inches but I can still reach it easily5. You can add your location with a single tap on the location bar if that is your kind of thing, and tweeting from multiple accounts is easy. If you tweet with an image from another app, then the background of the tweet becomes the image. Otherwise, the image just goes below the word. If for whatever reason you can’t send a tweet, Twidere saves it as a draft.

For the rapid fire tweeter, you can replace the Google Now action to have the compose section of Twidere pop up. Personally, I have hardly any use for this because:

  1. I am hardly away from my laptop, and Vivaldi has the super awesome [web panels].( which is kind of easier to use.
  2. I use Nova Launcher on my phone, which I have set up so two fingers turning clockwise triggers Twidere to open.

Still, saying its a useless feature would be incredibly harsh on them. It’s useful, just not for me.

The app can filter out content as needed, just like most other tweeting applications. You can filter by users, keywords, sources and page links.

In a test, I filtered out dogs, ocean and the URL Here’s what I got:

Which would be really helpful for when… those types of situations.

Get on tweeting

Honestly, I haven’t really tried a lot of other twitter clients for Android, because all the good ones cost money. Yes yes, I do want to try some of the paid ones but the cost of them6. If you’re looking for a nice, free, modern twitter client for Android then go no further than Twidere. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

[You can grab Twidere on the Google Play Store] ( and on F-Droid.

  1.  And Auto-night mode, a big plus. 
  2. Made by my good internet friend, @HowEChia. Picture of Cash from here and the theme is Liverpool, England 
  3. Mine is, of course, #33495f;, same as the banner of this site 
  4. You can also move the FAB to the left if you hold your phone in your left hand. 
  5. Although I do have long fingers. 
  6. Fenix, which is a twitter client I really want to try costs 8.53 for me, which is a bit steep for a twitter client. 

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