Further proof that 2017 is the year cyberpunk became reality, Uber hires a senior NASA engineer to make flying cars

I watched Blade Runner for the first time last night/this morning, and I always find it funny how movies in the 80’s pictured the near future being populated by flying cars and plenty of neon. But Blade Runner is set in 2019, which is fairly soon, and it seems like the cyberpunk future is becoming closer and closer. Now we have Uber apparently trying to develop flying cars, as Bloomberg reports, further proof that the future predicted by the ’82 cult classic is becoming more like reality.

The ride-hailing company envisions people taking conventional Ubers from their homes to nearby “vertiports” that dot residential neighborhoods. Then they would zoom up into the air and across town to the vertiport closest to their offices. (“We don’t need stinking bridges!” says Moore.) These air taxis will only need ranges of between 50 to 100 miles, and Moore thinks that they can be at least partially recharged while passengers are boarding or exiting the aircraft. He also predicts we’ll see several well-engineered flying cars in the next one to three years and that there will be human pilots, at least managing the onboard computers, for the foreseeable future.

If that doesn’t sound like the most sci-fi cyberpunk thing imaginable to give you the final proof of our cyberpunk future I don’t know what is. I mean look at this image of Trump Tower:

Doesn’t it look totally like something out of Blade Runner? I swear soon we’ll be running the shadows in our leather coats and neon boots. Mark my words. This is officially the year we embark into our cyberpunk future.

It’s finally here

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