The Human Test, by Ze Frank

One of the things I swore I would never do when I restarted this site with Wayne is that I would never link to fifty TED talks in a row. Or even one. Because then it’s a dark and twisting downwards spiral of linking all these different, interesting and funny TED talks THAT YOU JUST NEED TO SEE.

Anyway, I break that rule for this talk. The Human Test by Ze Frank, probably one of my favourites. I loved some of Ze Frank’s other TED talks on the web, and I might link them here because they’re so good. Wait…

My friend actually sent me this one and not me finding it on my own: A video on a test to see what makes a person indeed a human. It’s funny, witty and overall makes you think, on our emotions and feelings. Frank’s presentation of this talk is wonderfully strange and monotone, but glorious all the same.

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