Love makes you smarter, while sex makes you more logical

Love can actually make you a better person, able to easily tell emotions and improving your creative state, while sex improves your thinking in the here and now, as Nautilus writes:

In a 2013 study published in Brain Research using a mouse model, scientists found that sexual interaction between mate pairs had a positive effect on the brain’s ability to recognize things during periods of stress. Sexually experienced mice had increased expression of proteins associated with the development and maintenance of neurons when compared to a control group.

Though sex and love don’t always go hand-in-hand, just thinking about them can improve our cognitive skills. In a 2009 study, psychologists found that people who were primed by thinking about love or sex had an improved ability to complete creative and logical puzzles. In one test, the group had to complete four logic problems and three problems that required creativity. Participants that had been “love primed” performed best at the creative tasks, while the sex primed group proved the best at the logic problems. In a second test, the group had words related to sex or love flashed in front of them before being asked logic questions or questions requiring creative insight. Again, love priming inspired greater creative ability, while sex priming boosted logic. This, believe the authors, is because love makes us think about the future, which requires some measure of imagination and creative thinking. Sex, conversely, grounds us in the here-and-now, making us more able to tackle an immediate problem.

Interesting… maybe I’ve written better in the times when I’ve been in a relationship? I’ll have to check the records to find out.

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