2pm Focus

It has just hit a quarter past 2pm on Thursday, the 31st of March, 2017. I have two tests tomorrow and I cannot focus for the life of me. I have never been able to focus at this hour for some reason, my previous knife-edged focus disintegrate into a fine powder when faced with 14:00 hours on my computer. Of course, you can connect this with the fact that our brain caffine (Scientifically called Cortisol) levels are at their lowest around now.

So instead I’m browsing the internet, importing blog posts from the old version of this website, drinking coffee and opening my window and looking out at it, writing about how Medium is very important to a young writer these days, and watching the young men from the buisness management college that shares the same land with my dorm playing cricket. They seem happy, throwing the ball, laughing, clapping, shouting, mock punching each other. Right now they’re all I can focus on, them and this blog post.

Soon my focus will pick up and I can go right back to mixing 1 part study with 4 parts procrastination for my two tests tomorrow.

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