First time clubbing

I went clubbing for the first time last night, in a small rooftop bar called Engineers in Christchurch. Despite the fact getting in was a hassle – Friends kept changing where they wanted to go, forgot items, complaining when we got there, making some of us wait for them because they were stuck in line for being too drunk – once I finally got in, it was good times all around. For those who stayed, we danced until we literally couldn’t, and then retreated to a small corner that overlooked the small portion of the city the bar overlooked.

The whole thing was a hotbox of crowded people, dancing, drunk, kissing, smoking. Moving was hard unless you physically pushed your way through. But once I got to a small space with all my friends there, I had fun dancing with them. It was free to get in, but damn was everything expensive. All I bought was a Red Bull so one of my friends wouldn’t die of dehydration, and that cost me a whole six dollars. But in the end, I had a heck of a lot of fun.

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