Levi’s to sell a smart denim jacket for all your cyberpunk needs

Alejandro Alba at Vocativ about the new collaboration between clothing brand Levi’s and Google to make what is currently the most stylish looking piece of techwear I’ve ever seen:

The renowned denim company partnered with Google to develop a smart denim jacket that’s capable of answering calls, giving directions, control music, and offering information about nearby places. The team behind “Project Jacquard” used tiny circuits and conductive yarn that can be woven into any textile (hats, shirts, pants, etc.) to produce touch- and gesture-sensitive surfaces, which are then controlled with a cufflink-like device called a smart tag.

The smart tag looks and works very similar to a fitness band or tracker and is packed with LED and haptic sensors that vibrate when receiving phone notifications via Bluetooth. Those wearing the jacket can tap on the smart tag to answer calls, change tracks they’re listening to their music.

Finally, a piece of clothing that’s got the cyberpunk aesthetic and doesn’t look fucking ridiculous.

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