Millennials Hoarders

I assume this is kind of maybe me? Especially the one guys with 5000 tabs open for stuff he’s never going to read1, and the other guy who owns 100’s of domains that he’s never going to use2

On another note, what am I? Am I a millennial? I mean, I seem to be in that young adult demographic, who spend way too much time on the internet and are probably some closet hipster. But aren’t I too young to be a millennial? I love to blog and despise disappearing content, the antithesis of the two things which are apparently fundamental to the millennial identity.

So maybe I’m Generation Z? I guess I kind of fit into this niche, being internet savvy and all, which I also like because it puts me away from the latent douche-ness of millennials3. But I also dislike the name. Z. It seems like an end, like nothing will come after this generation. And I guess the way the world is going that’s very possible.

  1. Not sure about this guy, but I personally blame my RSS reader. 
  2. For real though, he’s a millennial. Where does he even get the money for all those domains? 
  3. Okay, this is unfair. It’s probably just a syndrome of “the next generation sucks”, with most articles today being written by Gen-X’ers or earlier. 

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