Ain’t No Party Like A Propaganda Party

Brilliant piece from the Awl on protesting and propaganda:

America may debate ad nauseam the meaning and legitimacy of our current Administration, but few adhering to any political creed would deny that the era of Trump has officially rejuvenated the art of the protest. The Women’s March in Washington, D.C., in January, was the largest single-day of protest in U.S. history, spawning hundreds of satellite marches in cities across the world, but what set it apart was not just its size but its creative brand of humor. In the months since, social media has been flush with “best protest sign” listicles, turning the language of political dissent into a mainstream battle of wits. Among the highlights from this past weekend’s March for Science were “Rising Seas — Adios Mar-O-Lago!,”; “Got Plague? Yeah Me Neither. Thanks Science!”; and “No Science, No Death Star,” carried by a protester wearing a Darth Vader mask.

I will admit that I am disappointing about the lack of student protests in my single term at university. It’s not like we lack things to protest about: The university, for no reason other than elitism, decided to block workers who were building the new buildings from accessing the school cafes.

This is elitism and discrimination, two things I cannot stand unironically, at it’s finest. It pushes the ‘ivory tower’ approach of universities further, and damages the public image. Those men and women are working much harder than us to build something which will probably be grossly underappreciated by anyone but the staff.

Wait, why am I getting political all of a sudden… I need to go to bed.

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