Chronicling Lainchan

The following is a collection of the series I wrote about how Lainchan rose from the ashes of being deleted like and phoenix and the following schism of imageboard Lainchan, all in one post.

Lainchan Phoenix'd

Published April 12, 2017

Imageboard Lainchan has just come back offline after about a day of inactivity. But just like the mythological phoenix, it has come back as a baby. Nearly everything has been deleted, all the boards and all the posts within the boards have been removed, giving a fresh slate to start over again, with new boards. What has been kept is some of my older choices, like theme design and the name I posted under.

As for what happened… well:

(Kalyx being the old owner of the site and Appleman being the newer one)

What I'm seeing right now in the four threads is a lot of hate towards Kalyx. Which makes sense, the site best known for being a source for the spreading knowledge, through PDF and ebook sharing threads, and this move effectively destroys all that knowledge. But I also think this is an error on the part of Appleman, who didn't bother to take any of the server privileges away from Kalyx or make a backup. Isn't that computer management 101?

There's discussion about what should come back. For example, there's been a suggestion for an extreme left wing politics board, similar to what 4chan's /pol/ has become. While this is very cyberpunk in a way, I feel like any politics is hard to moderate, and it could soon spin out of control. One suggestion I do like is adding a culture jamming board, especially if it gravitates more towards the arts of people like Banksy, or a different style of photography that subverts.

I'm really hoping that the existing culture of cyberpunk and the spreading of knowledge retains through this change. Right now the site is a blank slate, meaning that if enough of the old users don't fight back, then the existing culture could change if influenced by a large enough group (And a large brigade by a site like 4chan wouldn't be out of reality). With the site being one of the reasons I am so obsessed with cyberpunk right now, if the kind of tinfoil hat-y cyberpunk culture were to be overridden by some other culture I would probably become disinterested in the site.

I hope all the hate and anger passes and we can all go back to the discussion of technology, programming, dreams, and drugs. Because can't we all just love Lain? (And internet culture, which I kind of loved a bit more)

Published April 13, 2017

From the Lainchan front: Looks like things are slowly being rebuilt. Banners are being restored. The PDF share threads are having backups being posted. There's a new board, where in order to post you need to type at least one Japanese character.

From the Lainchan front: The new boards have been decided, and the few posts that are on the only board right now are un/surprisingly active.

Published April 17, 2017

From the Lainchan front: The lambda/λ and security boards are back up, two boards which are integral to the cyberpunk dogma of the imageboard.

Decentralised Lainchan?

Published 19th of April, 2017

From the Lainchan front: The literature and layer boards are back, but I've found something a bit more interesting: is now a thing. From my sleuthing[^1], it's meant as a decentralised Lainchan, away from the software and look of traditional *chans.

The only theme is different, similar to the current Delete theme, a centred column of the posts and not the left aligned of traditional chans, and each post in a block. It definitely looks a hell of a lot nicer than most of the themes on the main site, and if they continue this design I hope it keeps the current aesthetic. And the domain was only registered two days ago!

For now, posting by Tor is blocked, for reason I only assume to keep spammers out until the proper filters are restored.

Whatever happens, I really like this site compared to the staleness of the .org site.

EDIT: I was wrong. The site isn't a decentralised Lainchan, it's a coup de tat, a copycat with the same name after all the drama I've reported on here. There's controversy over this, a site with the same name attempting to divide an already fragmented community.

While I think it is a better site, if it's going in the direction of a different site it needs a different name. But a different name, not staying within the 'niche' of Serial Experiments Lain, could potentially mean a different site, and I don't know if I could be interested with that.

UPDATE 2: Just found this introductory post, which furthers that it's a coup de tat:

Who are we?

We are a collective of former administrators and moderators of . Technical and organizational skills are distributed among staff members so that lainchan no longer has a single point of failure.

What is this?

This is our new home, a place under the faithful care of established community members (rather than simply the highest bidder) that can be trusted to continue the legacy of lainchan as it was before the last transfer of power.

Why are we here?

Neglect of critical services and backups, lack of priorities and accountability, and gross inaction and incompetence have led us to a situation in which we have lost years of content, but have seen little done to improve the situation. Freed from an entrenched bureaucracy (read: one person), we will be able to reconstruct lainchan and continue its development without unnecessary debate and delay over matters of insignificance.

Where are we heading?

The website has redundant offsite backups. Community services are decentralized. We now plan to rebuild content across the boards, recover data from our last good backup, and resume work on the constellation of projects by and for lains. Join us in on the Freenode IRC network to discuss the future of our community.
Directly attacking the faults of the old owner of Lainchan, and attempting to make it better. Coup de Tat if I ever saw one.

[^1]: With a hangover, but don't all good detectives always have a hangover?

From the Lainchan front: Already seeing direct antagonism towards the old owner of the site, calling it Applechan. Very similar to how 4chan split to form 8chan, and how the latter developed obvious antagonism for the former.

Published April 21, 2017

From the Lainchan front: Nevermind what I said before, there's more antagonism from the original site than the old site, but I am somewhat enjoying the different style of posts on the new site. Also on the original site, the technology board (Which for some reason uses the omega symbol as the board code), drug board and dream boards are back.


Published May 18, 2017

From the Lainchan front: It’s been a month since I reported on the state of Laincahn, and I feel that this should provide some kind of conclusion. Both sites have reached a kind of stagnation period, the .org site is similar to how it was when the original site was deleted, albeit with a few new boards, and the .jp site has mostly stayed the same, except with a few new affiliate sites in the header. Still slight antagonism, but now mostly from the .org site, with .jp site having mellowed out.

I’m glad that we could all just love Lain.

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