Revisiting Reservoir Dogs

Evan Puschak (Nerdwriter1) takes a look if Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s first movie, has aged well in 25 years since it’s release. It’s Tarantino so the answer is yes… Mostly. After all: It’s fucking Reservoir Dogs!

I’m not ashamed to say that Reservoir Dog’s is probably my favourite Tarantino movie, beating Pulp Fiction1. While Pulp Fiction is glorious, and it’s postmodern, non-linear style set up the Tarantino vibe that we often get from a lot from QT movie’s2, Reservoir Dogs felt different in it’s own way. Maybe it’s beca use it was Tarantino’s first film that made it such a bomb. It was amateur and experimental and new and different and that all combined made it the best damn thing ever.

The premise was simple: a heist gone wrong. Just before we cut to a young handsome guy bleeding all over the white upholstery of the couch, screaming in agony over being shot in the gut while an older man declares over and over that he’s going to be all right, we saw a long and seemingly inconsequential discussion about Madonna, coffee and whether to tip waitresses.

After they walk out in a slow motion montage, it all goes to hell, and we slowly piece by piece put it together. The story is immediate, we are put straight into the action with immediate investment. Which is a good way to start anything.

  1. But the title for my favourite villain goes to Inglorious Bastard’s Hans Landa. 
  2. Of course, Reservoir Dogs also had the non-linear style, but Pulp Fiction took it to an extreme, while Reservoir Dogs 

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