Clicky keyboard keys

I bought a mechanical keyboard just the other day, something I’ve been meaning to buy for a long while. As I wasn’t sure just what I wanted, I bought a keyboard with Cherry Red switches. These switches, which I’m using to type this, apparently have the ‘midpoint’ amount of force needed and clickiness. I specifically got these ones to see if I would get sick of the clickiness compared to the rapid fire taping of my laptop keys.

And I’ve gotta say, it’s been pretty great. The feeling and the sound is awesomely satisfying. After being used to the uniform flatness of my laptop keys (I’ve had the same brand of laptop since 2012, so I’ve got well used to the layout of the keys)V The raised surface has caused me to make many more mistakes than I used to.

But it is so worthwhile for the click and the force and the sound. It’s just so damn satisfying.

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