Since 2014, Valiant Ghost has been the irregularly scheduled weblog of Jackson Wyndow. The editorial direction of the website is vague, as I don’t like to restrict myself to one writing style.. But it often focuses on the area of design and web design, anime, cyberpunk and ‘culture’, that good old blanket term.

About Jackson

My name is Jackson Wyndow, and I have an interest in photography, web design, coffee, writing and programming. You can follow my photographical exploits on Flickr and Instagram. I also have a personal Twitter account.


Here’s a bunch of random technology information that might interest some of you:


Is the site broken? Do links take you to some mysterious Russian site telling you to download a new version of Java? Do fonts render in the dreaded Comic Sans?  First, make sure you’re not using Internet Explorer. If the answer is yes, get a better browser.’ Valiant Ghost is best viewed with a pair of human eyes and a shot of Jagermeister spice. If the answer is no, please contact me and I will fix it as soon as possible. jackson@valiantghost.com You can also tweet the official twitter account.