I’ve started learning a new programming language other than webdev standard HTML, CSS and Javascript, everyone’s favourite Python for my computer science class at university. It is a clean and elegant language, but I do miss the brackets I have come to rely on for JS. And while I have found some of the languages features to get right (Currently tackling iteration), it’s still a fun language to learn.

Just completed my first university assignment for engineering. They gave us barely nothing but a 1000 word limit and said good luck. Spent the whole weekend researching and getting it done, but got it done Sunday afternoon. Didn’t have to pull an all nighter like some people.

Sorry (We) haven’t been posting

Wew, it’s been nearly a whole month since either of us last blogged something on the front page of this website. So yes, this is one of those eternal constants of weblogs: The ‘sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while’ post. 

I’m not going to lie and say we are going to resume instantly, dear reader, because I know myself and that will end in even less stuff being posted here on this weblog. 

The reason why I haven’t is because of starting university, study, assignments, looking for a job, and a headcold that had come back multiple times with a serious vengeance. Wayne is taking a year to work, which is taking most of his time. 

I hope to write more soon, but no promises. And I probably just jinxed myself.