Discord adds some much needed safety features

In a new blog post Discord has announced new, a bit late but much needed security features including security scanners for messages from non-friends, link filters, two factor authorisation and, most importantly, a report button for individual members.

You can read in depth about it in detail on the official Discord blog (On Medium of course).

Levi’s to sell a smart denim jacket for all your cyberpunk needs

Alejandro Alba at Vocativ about the new collaboration between clothing brand Levi’s and Google to make what is currently the most stylish looking piece of techwear I’ve ever seen:

The renowned denim company partnered with Google to develop a smart denim jacket that’s capable of answering calls, giving directions, control music, and offering information about nearby places. The team behind “Project Jacquard” used tiny circuits and conductive yarn that can be woven into any textile (hats, shirts, pants, etc.) to produce touch- and gesture-sensitive surfaces, which are then controlled with a cufflink-like device called a smart tag.

The smart tag looks and works very similar to a fitness band or tracker and is packed with LED and haptic sensors that vibrate when receiving phone notifications via Bluetooth. Those wearing the jacket can tap on the smart tag to answer calls, change tracks they’re listening to their music.

Finally, a piece of clothing that’s got the cyberpunk aesthetic and doesn’t look fucking ridiculous.

A camera lens made from 32000 drinking straws

Artists Mick Farrell and Cliff Hayne have worked together to create a camera lens made from 32000 drinking straws, which produce an effect similar to what you would expect a bee sees. The specs of the lens are actually quite good too:

Haynes explains that the straws have a ‘raw’ f stop, where a 254mm long, 22mm wide straw gives an aperture of about f127, which they used as a starting point for exposure. each straw has its own density and hue, and the analogue creation gives a straight indexical rendering of whatever is placed directly in front of it.

Source: straw camera is an analogue lens made from 32000 drinking straws

My favourite Instagram account: Gangculture

I will now take a few moments of your time to talk about one of my favourite Instagram accounts on the internet: @gangculture (Features no actual gang culture).

In a slew of photos that are pretty, webcomics and selfies, @gangculture stands out against the rest of them by providing something different: Gritty realism. The photos on the account are not overprocessed shots of the moon, the lake sparking grandly in the moonlight. Instead what we get is this:

The gritty realism of LA in all its glory makes the minimalist framing of each photo both endearing and off putting at the same time. From each image you can kind of get a feel for the man behind the camera. Somewhat of a dry, creative humour and an eye for minimalist detail. If you follow him, what you’re getting in your feed is not prettiness. You’re getting grungy, angsty realism.

The best owl pictures for Superb Owl Sunday

Female Great Horned Owl on Her Nest, 2009

World War I. A French soldier of the 92th Infantry Regiment holding an eagle owl (France). Ca. 1916. (Photo by adoc-photos/Corbis via Getty Images)

A burrowing owl rests on the ninth hole of the Olympic golf course near is nest in a san bunker during a practice round for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Aug. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

As a part of Superb Owl Sunday, the Atlantic has collected the best owl photographs ever taken to commemorate this event. I hope your… team wins?

Photography hack: Use your sunglasses as an irl filter

Last Christmas I asked for a pair of aviators. Cheap ones, just so I could see if I liked them enough.  I’ve never been a sunglasses person, but I’ve always found aviators appealing since my Fallout: New Vegas days. I can’t really explain exactly why I like them, except they’re big and classical looking1. I wasn’t sure about them at first on the drive to the family Christmas party. Everything just seemed too dark.

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Twidere – An awesome twitter client for Android

I use TweetDeck almost exclusively on my computer for all my desktop Twitter needs, whether that be simply viewing my twitter stream or for writing my Tweetstorm. When I got to Android I needed the same as Tweetdeck on mobile: a fast, flexible experience that was better than the default Twitter client.

I found it. And guess what it’s called? The title of this posts it totally not a hint. At all!

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Todo: Write an article about Todoist

Further proof that I’m getting closer and closer to proper adulting is the fact I have now started using the excellent Todoist to keep track of what I need to do. I thought using my phones calendar was worse enough, but this really tips it. I now on my first steps to being a professional adulterer1.

As to why I stared using Todoist, it wasn’t out of a matter of necessity but rather an act of design. A week or so before Christmas I was awake redesigning my phone home screen2, and to get inspiration for what my home screen might look like going into 2017 I was looking at what other techbloggers I admire had for theirs.

Most of them had a todo app of some kind on their home screen. Which made sense. Most of them were men in their 30’s and 40’s, they needed to remember what things they had to do. But myself, a young virile man wouldn’t dare think of that… Except I had used my phones calendar increasingly often to remember basic stuff that I needed to do. So I cleared some space on my phone and downloaded the first todo app I found for Android, Todoist. I spent the rest of the night installing Todoist on every device I owned to get an idea on how to use it3.

I started off rather foolishly just setting myself a bunch of daily recurring tasks… completely ignoring the fact that I don’t work that way. If I have to set myself a reminder to do it everyday, I’m probably not as committed enough to do it, even with reminders. Now, I’ve started adding reminders as I need to remember them.  For example, remember to finally write about Todoist so you can add to the millions of voices also cheering about Todoist. Or that I need to install a useful extension for this site. Stuff I actually need to remember to do, not stuff I should already remember to do.

The design of the app is appealing and usable without any  manuals, a clear sign of good design. I can see why Khoi Vinh loves the app so much, not only is it good but it’s design is flawless.

So far it has been a good app to me. I just wish I could bloody tell the app my day usually ends at 4am.

  1. Wait… 
  2. Because that’s a thing I do for fun. 
  3. Although as you can see from the above screenshot… I still have no idea. 

The Textblade keyboard

I’ll be the first to admit it, both us here writers are broke af. We’re two broke (nearly) University students. That being said, I am a rabid collector of things I really don’t need. Writing apps. Mice. Keyboards. Why do I collect it? I really don’t know. Some hoarderish compulsion to have everything I suppose.

The keyboard part is the easiest to explain. I spend either my whole day writing about anime critically, about anime weapons, or my shitpost-esque posts here. Even when I’m not writing my browser of choice basically lets me use keyboard commands for everything. Needless to say, I use keyboard shortcuts a lot.

My obsession doesn’t stop at desktop keyboards. It goes even deeper to mobile keyboards, most of them way too big for my small phone. My last one was a case for an ill-fated second-hand iPhone 4, and was hell to write on1. The keys were too small and required too much force to write comfortably at2.

Enter the Textblade. It looks just like the mobile keyboard I want… Or need as it may be. It looks like the perfect thing that I want. A small external keyboard, although small enough to carry around in normal chino’s. Do I want it? Yes. Can I buy it? Also yes, but I need the monies for muh schooling ( ; ~ ;).

In the meantime, I can look on videos of people typing with it fondly while I wait until such a time as I can beg someone for it.

Pls gib.


  1. There was a brief period where I wrote only on my phone. I know some people prefer to do this but for me I prefer the typing feel with my keyboard. 
  2. I’m writing this from the bath, despite my problems with it