The Atlantic asks the important questions: Does Trump use reddit?

Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic:

In defending the move, which has created a firestorm of criticism, Trump has been reminding people that Democrats asked for him to fire Comey. Hence the O’Donnell tweet. Questions about what, exactly, the president of the United States is up to have officially reached fever pitch.

Questions like: Is Donald Trump reading Reddit?

It would also not surprise me if he was a prolific shitposter on 4chan’s /pol/ board.

And for another Trump article by the same writer: Trump wants steam catapults on aircraft carriers, becuase you have to be Einstein to understand how digital catapults work. You probably also have to be Einstein to understand The Cyber.

Donald Trump is Skynet

Cathy O’Neil, Bloomberg:

I think Trump is Skynet, or at least a good dry run. To make my case, I’ll first explain why Trump can be interpreted as an artificial intelligence. Then I’ll explain why the analogy works perfectly for our current dystopia.

Trump is pure id, with no abiding agenda or beliefs, similar to a machine-learning algorithm. It’s a mistake to think he has a strategy, beyond doing what works for him in a strictly narrow sense of what gets him attention.

As a presidential nominee, Trump was widely known for his spirited, rambling and chaotic rallies. His speeches are comparable to random walks in statistics: He’d try something out, see how the crowd reacted, and if it was a success — defined by a strong reaction, not necessarily a positive one — he’d try it again at the next rally, with some added outrage. His goal, like all TV personalities, was to entertain: A bored reaction was worse than grief, which after all gives you free airtime. This is why he could never stick to any script or teleprompter — too boring.

To be honest, sometimes I think an AI would be better at running America then Trump is.