Can we please talk about how baths are?

To follow-up what I just wrote about, can we talk about how weirdly good baths are? I’ve only just started having them again after six years of avoiding them like the plague1 and the first thing I notice is how weird they are, but also relaxing.

After six years, you get used to the feel of scalding hot water rushing down your back and over your shoulders, before being replaced with new water. The constant stinging pressure is a reminder that you are being cleaned, there is no time to relax and you should get out as soon as you are clean.

But there’s none of that with a bath. Once you are in the scalding the scalding remains. It is hot and stagnant, with whatever bubbly stuff you used to get the required bubbles2 somehow mysteriously moving into a place which makes the scene as PG as possible for when anyone for some reason decides to walk in.

And it somehow is relaxing, the constant warm caressing you like a blanket, against the near freezing cold you feel when you remove yourself despite the fact it’s not to cold tonight. And when you get out, you feel even more sleepy and relaxed then when you got in there. You climb into bed, pull your laptop towards you and start writing an article for your blog when there’s more productive things you could be doing.

WHY IS THAT? I’ve only been awake for nine hours at time of writing, but I feel like wrapping myself in a blanket and sleeping for a long time. This is not right. I am a writer. Writer’s do not even consider sleep until they sit on the indefinite hour where you’re not sure whether it’s very late at night or very early in the morning, and shouldn’t wake up until the time period known as the magic hour for photographers has long since past and all traces that there was something other than a giant ball of plasma in the sky have long since retreated.

But instead here I sit, half my body covered by a heavy-ish and very comfortable blanket writing into my blog, looking up and giggling a bit back when the word count was 420 when I last took a glance at it. I also had a coffee when I took the bath, so you would at least think the two would cancel out. But nope, I’m feeling very sleepy, even though I probably won’t actually stop staring at this screen until about 3am.

Writers life yo!

  1. Can’t remember why, probably something to do with my OCD. 
  2. What do you mean bubbles aren’t required? Of course they’re required! Who doesn’t have baths without bubbles. It’s like… a cardinal sin not to have them. 

The Gloriousness of Shimeji

Thanks to this /r/saber reddit thread I now have six of the adorable thingy’s known as Shimeji crawling all over my screen, being adorable while they do. While some may be distracted by the constant movement all over their screen screen, I quite enjoy seeing them all move around in their own unique ways ways. I got most of my Shimeji’s from Deviantart, although I may cut it down to just Saber and Sebastian, as they are both the best done.

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How to fall

Rhian Sasseen, The Awl:

For a brief span of about one spring, I was obsessed with learning how to fall. This is not a metaphor; when I say I was learning, I mean that I typed “how to fall” into a search engine and discovered the surprisingly robust world of YouTube falling tutorials.

Or you can get on my level. After an entire life of falling, due to an uncoordinated body never meant to play sports or operate dexterous machinery, I can now fall with as much grace as possible. Combined with a lifetime experience in tripping and OCD giving me a general fear of germs, I have mastered the art of falling and reducing the amount of surface area hit as much as possible.