Ostdrossel’s camera setup

Ostdrossel, who uploads photos taken by an automatic bird feeder to their Tumblr, has documented the camera set-up they use to get the quite funny bird shots:

Since people keep asking, here is a pic of my setup. I am using a device called Bird Photo Booth 2.0. It consists of this camera box, much like a trail camera, that has a macro lens on the top and a regular one on the bottom. Inside is a little shelf on which I place a small camera (sold separately, you can also use a smartphone or a GoPro) that has, amongst other things, a motion sensor function that I can set to take 10 pics per second. The bowl attachment comes with the camera as well. So whenever a bird makes it to the bowl, the camera takes pictures.

My favourite Instagram account: Gangculture

I will now take a few moments of your time to talk about one of my favourite Instagram accounts on the internet: @gangculture (Features no actual gang culture).

In a slew of photos that are pretty, webcomics and selfies, @gangculture stands out against the rest of them by providing something different: Gritty realism. The photos on the account are not overprocessed shots of the moon, the lake sparking grandly in the moonlight. Instead what we get is this:

The gritty realism of LA in all its glory makes the minimalist framing of each photo both endearing and off putting at the same time. From each image you can kind of get a feel for the man behind the camera. Somewhat of a dry, creative humour and an eye for minimalist detail.┬áIf you follow him, what you’re getting in your feed is not prettiness. You’re getting grungy, angsty realism.

The best owl pictures for Superb Owl Sunday

Female Great Horned Owl on Her Nest, 2009

World War I. A French soldier of the 92th Infantry Regiment holding an eagle owl (France). Ca. 1916. (Photo by adoc-photos/Corbis via Getty Images)

A burrowing owl rests on the ninth hole of the Olympic golf course near is nest in a san bunker during a practice round for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Aug. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

As a part of Superb Owl Sunday, the Atlantic has collected the best owl photographs ever taken to commemorate this event. I hope your… team wins?